Animuc 2019 | 26. bis 28. April 2019


As we don’t want to let you wait any longer we want to announce our next guest of honour:

Blackii (artist from Germany)

Blackii loves to create big action scenes with an extra-portion of „Bang!“. Her love for anime and manga started to grow with the tender age of 12 years. Giggling she sat in front of her television and was fascinated by a fat panda trying to beat a red-haired girl. This has to been drawn! After 17 years of scribbling she finally felt ready for her own crazy contribution to the manga universe.

Together with the author Aljoscha Jelinek she created the two brothers Aka and Rafu. In the fantasy-shonen manga „The Last Echo“ the „Fury Twins“ needs to protect their home town of mysterious „Echo“ monsters. But are the twins ready for this huge responsibility?

However the story of them will end, Blackii is super happy to switch on her creativity to „overdrive“ while drawing manga stories. Whole words are waiting to be filled with absurd characters and ideas by the two of them.

Blackii will wait at her booth at the artist-alley for your visit and she will also host a Workshop.

Until then you can visit her here:
Twitter: @blackiithedonut
Instagram: @blackiithedonut

Your Animuc team