Animuc 2019 | 26. bis 28. April 2019


To sweeten your valentine’s day we would like to announce our next guests of honours today:

Daiphonia (Cosplayer from Germany)

They are Daiyame and Symphonia and together they are Team Daiphonia! Most recently they have been Team Germany for the World Cosplay Summit 2018 in Japan.

Both of them are cosplaying since 10 years and have been visited many nationals and internationals conventions and competitions.

With costumes from all genre, comics, tv-series, anime and manga, games, books and even their own designs, they try to work with different and new materials and techniques, so it never gets boring!

They will host a workshop and take part in our Q&A panel to answer all of your questions. More to be announced later.

Until then you can visit them here:

Your Animuc team

Photographer: A.Z.Production