Animuc 2019 | 26. bis 28. April 2019


Today we want to announce our second guest of honour at Animuc 2019:

HIKO (Cosplayer from Taiwan)

HIKO is cosplaying since several years and already participated at a lot of events in Asia. She is really happy to have the opportunity to participate at Animuc this year and is really excited to make a lot of new friends.

She hopes she can share her favorite animes with everyone and of course she will host a workshop, and attend photo- and signing sessions. HIKO will also cosplay three different characters. If you also have any ideas, please let her know!

Of course she will bring her photobooks and she hopes you will like them!

It’s her first time visiting Germany. German landscapes and food always had fascinated her. She can not wait any longer to see and taste them by herself.

If you already want to have a look at HIKOs Cosplays and her work, you can check her social media sites below.


Your Animuc team