Animuc 2019 | 26. bis 28. April 2019


Today we want to announce our next guest of honour at Animuc 2019:

Milou (Cosplayer from France)

Milou started cosplay 10 years ago and she has a very impressive Cosplay history: winner at European Cosplay Gathering in 2016, „Best Costume Award“ at the World Cosplay Summit in 2017, and 2nd place at Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup in 2018. She is also the currently representative for the french team at the next European Cosplay Gathering 2019 again. Even if she is frequently rewarded for her sewing skills, she is known to create original stage performances and for sharing her experiences about it at conventions and on Youtube.

Her favourite fandoms? Harry Potter, Hellsing, Avatar – The Legend of Korra and Gris.

She can’t wait to meet you all! She might be shy but she loves to share and to meet awesome People!

Until then you can visit her here:

Your Animuc team

Photographer: Antony Gomez