Animuc 2019 | 26. bis 28. April 2019


We are looking forward to welcome

v-0-3 (comic artist from Poland)

to Animuc 2019.

v-0-3 is a comic artist and illustrator from Poland. Since two years she is working on her sci-fi web comic “Paper Roses” that tells a boys love story between a boy and a robot.

She has been drawing for almost six years now and is concentrating on digital art. There’s no favourite thing when it comes to drawing – she has fun with both line art and coloring! At the beginning it was very difficult for her to accept that there is always someone better out there, but she has learned that confidence in her own style and to stay to true to yourself is most important. She has come to realize that telling stories is what she really wants to do in her life. On top of her web comic she also draws fanart.

She will have a booth in the Artists’ Alley and will hold a workshop!

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